Robotic Press Handling for Sheet Metal Forming

Durability That Delivers

For sheet metal press tending or stamping applications with high duty cycles, our press handling robots are ideal. Designed with heavy-duty drive systems that deliver in the most demanding applications, these robots also have higher vibration ratings to tolerate the tough conditions often encountered in press rooms.

Press Tending

A wide range of Motoman® robot models are available in floor, shelf or overhead mounting configurations to  accommodate any die change system. Our robotic press tending solutions can be custom-designed to meet your   requirements with options such as high-speed part shuttles, hand-off or idle nest stations, robot-to-robot part flipover, vacuum, mechanical and magnetic grippers, automation tool change, and slide bases to facilitate die change.

Press Brake

From small parts to large, unwieldy sheets of metal, Motoman robots are ideal for press tending applications. By utilizing   various gripper options and flexible regrip/orientation stations, difficult positioning is easily achievable during the bending sequence. Various parts are accommodated with an automatic tool change unit which allows the robot to select the correct gripper for the work piece.  Depending on requirements, infeed magazines, outfeed pallets, conveyors and other peripherals can be fully integrated for a complete automated press brake solution.

Press Tending Yaskawa Motoman Robots Catalogue

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