Robotic Picking and Packing
TS Group integrated packaging solutions are designed specifically around industry-specific requirements and are accompanied by application-enabling software and vision capabilities. TS group packaging systems bring ease of use, speed and flexibility to help you meet the demands of today’s food, beverage and consumer products marketplace.
What is a Pick-Pack Robot?
A standard industrial robotic arm is outfitted with an end-effector suited to pick up the object(s) to be packed. The robot is then “taught” to pick up the objects from the conveyor or holding area and place them into the box or carton.
Applications in secondary packaging are vast and varied including but not limited to tray packing, tray handling, case packing, case erection and handling, bottle packing, shrink-wrapping, pouch handling and packing and so on. Depending on reach, payload and speed requirements, articulated arm robots ranging from 5kg to 50kg with 4-7 degrees of freedom could be employed with equal ease.

Picking and Packing Yaskawa Robots catalogue series 1

Picking and Packing Yaskawa Robots catalogue series 2

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