اسفند 5, 1400

Robot and Vision

Combination of Robot and Vision Nowadays using Robot and Vision together in industry is becoming more and more. In this video you can see application of […]
بهمن 13, 1400

Yaskawa arc welding robot and vision system

As you can see in this video, the industrial robots and the image processing system together have created a fully automatic solution. Welding operations are performed […]
دی 28, 1400

Yaskawa Arc Welding Robots

TS Group Co Provider of Yaskawa robotic solutions
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Yaskawa company profile

Yaskawa RobotYaskawa company offers robots for welding, plating, packaging, paint, handling. Yaskawa’s products range is diverse. Yaskawa has industrial robots, servo motors, servo drives, inverters and […]
شهریور 7, 1400

Yaskawa Spot Welding Robot

Yaskawa provides wide range of spot welding robots. In this video you can see yaskawa Spot welding robots work close to each other. TS Group Robot […]
اسفند 9, 1399

Yaskawa Arc Welding Robots

TS Group Co Provider of Robotic Arc Welding Solutions
بهمن 11, 1399

Yaskawa Arc Welding Robot

you can see yaskawa robot arc welding cell including positioner TS Group provider of robotic solutions click link below for more detailes of yaskawa arc […]
دی 25, 1399

Yaskawa Arc Welding Cell

TS Group provider of Arc Welding Solutions Yaskawa Motoman
دی 17, 1399

Arc Welding

Yaskawa Robotic Arc Welding Solutions