At TS Group, we provide you with full advisory services and discuss the matter with you thoroughly in order to find the best solution. To this end, you select the appropriate service modules from our well-conceived range in order to tailor the service features exactly to your particular requirements.
TS Group develops, manufactures and assembles in its own site and has its own local service teams, which enables us to provide rapid response times in order to maintain the maximum operational availability of your installation.

We have solution for the following fields:

– Robotic Heavy Duty Welding

– Robotic Laser Welding

– Robotic Laser Cutting

– Multi Axis Robotic System Solution

– Factory Automation Solutions,

– Production and Packaging Lines with Robotics,

– Robotic Palletizing Solution for food and beverage industries

– Machine Vision, Inspection, Quality Control & Industrial Instrumentation

– Robotic Workstation and Workcell

For us, the concept of Quality is inextricably linked to the values that guide us in our everyday work.

As a basis for mutual trust and reliability, we appreciate and respect our partners, act carefully and responsibly, and keep our promises to ourselves and others.

We pursue and implement technical and operational innovations from unique concepts, discoveries and developments.

Open mind
We engage our customers with an open mind and an attitude of innovation. We are open to discovering and implementing new technologies. We meet all cultures with understanding and respect.

We are passionate about and committed to our work and the success of our customers.

We use all resources efficiently and effectively. We create sustainable value with intelligent technologies and innovative solutions – both for our customers and for us.